ADPI Insurance

ADPI InsuranceTM Delivers a Whole Life Insurance policy that is different than the rest. 
Our battle-tested, high cash-value, dividend-paying product beats competitors time and time again. The Cashflow AcceleratorTM adds a time-tested foundation to your financial future. Create your own banking ecosystem today and do not accept anything less than the best.
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ADPI Insurance is about breaking down barriers for service members, past and present. Our policies ensure you have flexibility while making your money work hard for you in multiple places at one time. Sound too good to be true? We can prove it. You get the same policies our top agent creates for himself as a full-time real estate investor.  


We structure these policies so our agents make the least amount of money possible. Why? This is NOT the same type of whole life insurance TV gurus are saying bad things about...and it's NOT the same type of insurance policy Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies are selling. This is a TRUE asset built for military, by military.  


Times are rapidly changing, but this time-tested strategy hedges market volatility and creates an impenetrable financial launching pad to invest. Watch the Cashflow Accelerator webinar and set up a call to discuss a policy that's best suited for you.